Following the World Frisbee Championships in 1982, and with Wham-O under Kransco ownership, the world championships transformed into the U.S. Open in 1983. In 1987 the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) ran its first individual overall championship. Eventually the U.S. Open and WFDF championships alternated years until Covid threw some hiccups into that schedule.

Competing with the WFC, U.S. Open and WFDF championships was Tom Schot's World Disc Championships, held in Santa Cruz beginning in 1978.

This gallery captures those World Championship events through their published documents. It includes everything from invitations to attend, to programs, results, daily updates, even parking passes.

Discs for these events can be found in the Tournaments / World Championships area, posters can be found in the Print / Posters gallery, and other related items can be found throughout the Miscellaneous area.


1980 WDC—Aug 7–10, 1980—Santa Cruz, CAAug 7–10, 1980Santa Cruz, CA 1980 WDC III Program1980 WDC III Program    
1981 WDC—Aug 6–9, 1981—Santa Cruz, CAAug 6–9, 1981Santa Cruz, CA 1981 WDC IV Program1981 WDC IV Program    
1982 WDC—Aug 4–8, 1982—Santa Cruz, CAAug 4–8, 1982Santa Cruz, CA 1982 WDC V Program1982 WDC V Program    
1983 US Open—Jul 23, 1983—La Mirada, CAJul 23, 1983La Mirada, CA 1983 US Open Program1983 US Open Program    
1983 WDCAug 8–14, 1983Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA 1983 WDC Tournament Program1983 WDC VI ProgramCourtesy of Billy Bloom    
1984 US Open—Jun 25–Jul 1, 1984—La Mirada, CAJun 25–Jul 1, 1984La Mirada, CA 1984 US Open Knotts Berry Farm Flyer1984 US Open Knotts Berry Farm Flyer 1984 US Open Player Package1984 US Open Player Package 1984 US Open Staff Schedule1984 US Open Staff Schedule
1984 US Open Program1984 US Open Program 1984 US Open Staff Post Event Information1984 US Open Staff Post Event Information    
1984 WDC—Aug 6–12, 1984—Santa Cruz, CAAug 6–12, 1984Santa Cruz, CA 1984 WDC 7 Program1984 WDC 7 Program    
1985 US Open—Jun 24–30, 1985—La Mirada, CAJun 24–30, 1985La Mirada, CA 1985 US Open Player Package1985 US Open Player Package 1985 US Open Staff Package1985 US Open Staff Package 1985 US Open Program1985 US Open Program
1985 US Open Post Event Package1985 US Open Post Event Package 1985 US Open Post Event TV Coverage Letter1985 US Open Post Event TV Coverage Letter    
1985 WDC—Aug 1985—Santa Cruz, CAAug 1985Santa Cruz, CA 1985 WDC VIII Program1985 WDC VIII Program    
1986 US Open—Jun 23–29, 1986—La Mirada, CAJun 23–29, 1986La Mirada, CA 1986 US Open Staff Welcome Package1986 US Open Staff Welcome Package 1986 US Open Program1986 US Open Program 1986 US Open Staff Post Event Package1986 US Open Staff Post Event Package
1987 US Open—Jun 21–28, 1987—La Mirada, CAJun 21–28, 1987La Mirada, CA 1987 US Open Players Welcome Package1987 US Open Players Welcome Package 1987 US Open Staff Welcome Package1987 US Open Staff Welcome Package 1987 US Open Program1987 US Open Program
1987 US Open Post Event Package1987 US Open Post Event Package      
1988 US Open—Jun 26–Jul 3, 1988—La Mirada, CAJun 26–Jul 3, 1988La Mirada, CA 1988 US Open Staff Invite Packet1988 US Open Staff Invite Packet 1988 US Open Player-Staff Package1988 US Open Player-Staff Package 1988 US Open Program1988 US Open Program
1988 US Open Post Event Package1988 US Open Post Event Package      
1989 US Open—Jul 2, 1989—La Mirada, CAJul 2, 1989La Mirada, CA 1989 US Open Program1989 US Open Program 1989 US Open Post Event Package1989 US Open Post Event Package  
1990 US Open—Jul 1, 1990—La Mirada, CAJul 1, 1990La Mirada, CA 1990 US Open Program1990 US Open Program 1990 US Open Post Event Package1990 US Open Post Event Package  
1991 WFDF—Jul 28–Aug 4, 1991—Santa Cruz, CAJul 28–Aug 4, 1991Santa Cruz, CA 1991 WFDF Tournament Program1991 WFDF Tournament Program    
1992 US Open—Jul 19–26, 1992—Fort Collins, COJul 19–26, 1992Fort Collins, CO 1992 US Open Staff Invite1992 US Open Staff Invite 1992 US Open Post Event Package1992 US Open Post Event Package  
1994 US Open—Fort Collins, CO1994Fort Collins, CO 1994 US Open Post Event Package1994 US Open Post Event Package    
2003 WDG—Jul 7–13, 2003—Santa Cruz, CAJul 7–13, 2003Santa Cruz, CA 2003 World Disc Games Program2003 World Disc Games Program