The International Frisbee Association had its first event in the Rose Bowl, a qualification meet where top players could qualify as a Frisbee Master. It was not a huge success. But, six years later, after events like the Octad and AFDO, there was a return to the Rose Bowl with the first of seven World Frisbee Championships. In 1982 the WFC moved to Rutgers in New Jersey.

This gallery captures those World Championship events through their published documents. It includes everything from invitations to attend, to programs, results, daily updates, even parking passes.

Discs for these events can be found in the Tournaments / World Championships area, posters can be found in the Print / Posters gallery, and other related items can be found throughout the Miscellaneous area.


1968 Rose Bowl1968 Rose Bowl 1968 IFA Masters Qualification_Rose Bowl Invitation & Postcards1968 IFA Master's QualificationRose Bowl Invitation & Postcards    
1974 WFC1974 WFC 1974 WFC Schedule of Events1974 WFC Schedule of Events 1974 WFC Detailed Schedule1974 WFC Detailed ScheduleContributor: Joe Essman  
1975 WFC1975 WFC 1975 WFC Invitation Mailing Envelope1975 WFC Invitation Mailing Envelope 1975 WFC Player Invitation Package1975 WFC Player Invitation Package 1975 WFC Correspondence1975 WFC Correspondence
1975 Rose Bowl Admission ticket1975 Rose Bowl Admission ticket 1975 WFC Program1975 WFC Program 1975 WFC Schedule and Event Maps1975 WFC Schedule and Event Maps 1975 WFC World Class Master Proficiency Forms1975 WFC World Class Master Proficiency Forms
1976 WFC1976 WFC 1975 WFC Player Invitation Package1975 WFC Player Invitation Package 1976 WFC Rose Bowl Parking Pass1976 WFC Rose Bowl Parking Pass 1976 WFC Admissions Tickets1976 WFC Admissions Tickets
1976 WFC Program1976 WFC Program 1976 WFC Player Info Package-Complete1976 WFC Player Info Package—CompleteContributor: Joe Essman 1976 WFC Competitor's Manual1976 WFC Competitor's Manual 1976 WFC Review_Sunday Morning, August 261976 WFC ReviewSunday Morning, August 26
1977 WFC1977 WFC 1977 WFC Player Invitation1977 WFC Player Invitation 1977 WFC Competitor Correspondence1977 WFC Competitor Correspondence 1977 WFC Flyer1977 WFC Flyer
1977 WFC Pressbox Pass1977 WFC Pressbox Pass 1977 WFC Player Info Folder1977 WFC Player Info FolderContributor: Joe Essman 1977 WFC Schedule1977 WFC Schedule 1977 WFC Program1977 WFC Program
1977 WFC Review-Thursday, August 251977 WFC ReviewThursday, August 25 1977 WFC Review-Friday, August 261977 WFC ReviewFriday, August 26 1977 WFC Review-Saturday, August 271977 WFC ReviewSaturday, August 27 1977 WFC Review-Summary1977 WFC ReviewSummary
1977 WFC Results1977 WFC Results      
1978 WFC1978 WFC 1978 WFC Program1978 WFC Program 1978 WFC Review1978 WFC ReviewThursday, August 24 1978 WFC Review1978 WFC ReviewSaturday, August 26
1978 WFC Review1978 WFC ReviewMonday, August 28 Contributor: Bill Wright      
1979 WFC1979 WFC 1979 WFC Players package1979 WFC Players package 1979 WFC Rose Bowl Flyer1979 WFC Rose Bowl Flyer 1979 WFC Parking Pass and Pressbox Pass1979 WFC Parking Pass and Pressbox Pass
1979 WFC Weekly Schedule1979 WFC Weekly Schedule 1979 WFC Program1979 WFC Program    
1980 WFC1980 WFC 1980 WFC Rose Bowl Flyer1980 WFC Rose Bowl Flyer 1980 WFC Schedule1980 WFC Schedule 1980 WFC Program1980 WFC Program
1980 WFC Review1980 WFC ReviewWednesday, August 20 1980 WFC Review-Thursday, August 211980 WFC ReviewThursday, August 21 1980 WFC Review-Friday, August 221980 WFC ReviewFriday, August 22 1980 WFC Review-Saturday, August 231980 WFC ReviewSaturday, August 23
1980 WFC Review-Sunday, August 241980 WFC ReviewSunday, August 24 1980 WFC Review-Monday, August 251980 WFC ReviewMonday, August 25 1980 WFC Official's Post Event Thank You Letter and Competitor List1980 WFC Official's Post Event Thank You Letter and Competitor List
1981 WFC1981 WFC 1981 WFC Staff Information Packet1981 WFC Staff Information Packet 1981 WFC Player Information packet1981 WFC Player Information Packet 1981 WFC Player Welcome Letter and Maps1981 WFC Player Welcome Letter and Maps
1981 WFC Event Schedule1981 WFC Event Schedule 1981 WFC Program1981 WFC Program 1981 WFC Rose Bowl Admission Ticket1981 WFC Rose Bowl Admission Ticket 1981 WFC Review-Tuesday, August 251981 WFC ReviewTuesday, August 25
1981 WFC Review-Wednesday, August 261981 WFC ReviewWednesday, August 26 1981 WFC Review-Thursday, August 271981 WFC ReviewThursday, August 27 1981 WFC Review-Friday, August 281981 WFC ReviewFriday, August 28 1981 WFC Review-Saturday, August 291981 WFC ReviewSaturday, August 29
1981 WFC Review—Sunday, August 301981 WFC ReviewSunday, August 30 1981 WFC Review-Monday, August 311981 WFC ReviewMonday, August 31    
1982 WFC1982 WFC 1982 WFC Program1982 WFC Program 1982 WFC Field Arrow1982 WFC Field Arrow 1982 WFC Review-Monday, July 19th1982 WFC ReviewMonday, July 19th
1982 WFC Review-Tuesday, July 20th1982 WFC ReviewTuesday, July 20th 1982 WFC Review-Wednesday, July 21st1982 WFC ReviewWednesday, July 21st 1982 WFC Review-Thursday, July 22nd1982 WFC ReviewThursday, July 22nd 1982 WFC Review-Friday, July 23rd1982 WFC ReviewFriday, July 23rd
1982 WFC Review-Saturday, July 24th1982 WFC ReviewSaturday, July 24th 1982 WFC Review-Sunday, July 25th1982 WFC ReviewSunday, July 25th