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Positive Pyramids—PYRA-DISC Freestyle—Blue—Gold—Packaged

Maker: Positive Pyramids
Mold: 32
Size: 9.875 inches
Disc Color: Blue
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Raised letters: PYRA-DISC; Hot stamp: Freestyle—Gold
Date Introduced: 1978
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Packaging front: PYRA-DISC Pass-It-On (Pronounced Peer-A-Disc); The new freestyle superdisc for beginners and experts alike! Enjoy PYRA-DISC indoors, outdoors; alone or with friends! Patented scientific aerodynamic design stabilized disc in flight. Package back has instructions for various freestyle tricks.
Contributor(s): Kevin Fuller

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Apple iPhone 7, f/1.8 @ 3.99 mm, 1/40, ISO 25, No Flash

Positive Pyramids—PYRA-DISC Freestyle—Blue—Gold—Packaged