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Created 5-Jan-20
Modified 12-Jun-24
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You're looking at the very latest additions to the Flying Disc Museum!

The photos shown in this gallery are recent contributions to the FDM. Typically, they are items that have been uploaded within the last week or two. The content will therefore change frequently, and the gallery may at times be empty if nothing has been added for a couple weeks.

These photos are not currently in any other gallery, but will move from here to wherever their permanent home will be, whether disc golf, tournaments, promotional, or another location.
86 Stout—Blue—Silver Diffraction Hologram2013 Vibram Open Am Side—Advanced—Round Card Winner2022 Midwest Masters—Amateur Masters 65+—1st Place—Tom McManus2024 IOS #123 Northwood Open—Amateur Masters 70+—1st Place2024 Senior DISCount—MA 65—1st Place—Mike Hughes2024 Treebash Open—MA 65+—1st Place—Mike HughesA & R Plastics—Flying Satellite Prototype—YellowA & R Plastics—Flying Satellite Prototype—Yellow—BottomAviar, Galactic Pro—40th Anniversary—Tan-Blue Swirl—BlackBoss, StarLite—Innova Swoosh—Yellow—BlackBrian Allen—"TMNT Heroes"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full FoilBrian Allen—"TMNT Heroes"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full Foil—BottomBrian Allen—"TMNT Heroes"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full Foil—Bottom—COABrian Allen—"TMNT Villains"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full FoilBrian Allen—"TMNT Villains"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full Foil—BottomBrian Allen—"TMNT Villains"—Discraft Buzzz—Black—Supercolor™ Full Foil—Bottom—COAChampions Cup, 2024—Discraft Raptor—White, Multicolor Flecks—Metallic Blue, Metallic PurpleCheerios Ad—1/2 Page Color—1976Crave, Neutron—"Bat Crave"—Turquoise, Orange—Metallic Blue, Silver "Money" Hologram, Metallic PurpleDiamond, Opto—Pink, Dark—Metallic Pink