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The Wright Life—Fall 1983 thumbDiscovering the World—Summer 1987 thumbHot DIsc ExchangeJellybean Collection AgencyInnerspacePlatypus Plastic ExchangeInnerspace—Dec 1983 thumbPostal FD Catalogue VI—Autumn 1977 thumbJellybean Collection Agency—Late 1970s thumbHot Disc Exchange—v1—Oct82 thumbPlatypus Plastic Exchange—1980 thumbFlying FrontierDreamflightsFlying Frontier—1981 thumbDreamflights—1979 thumbBoards and BeesBoards and Bees—Winter 1980  thumbBoards and Bees—Supplement 2—1980  thumbBoards and Bees—Supplement 1—Jan 1980  thumbBoards and Bees—Late 1981 thumb