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A Vestpocket Guide to Frisbee Selection or A History of the Pro—Jan72 thumbDisc 'N Dat Catalog—1998 thumbDisc Covering the World v3n7 1981-thumbDisc Covering the World-Winter 1980-thumbDisc Golf World Sales CatalogueDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue-1999 thumbDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2000 thumbDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2001 thumbDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2002 thumbDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2003 thumbDisc Wares CatalogsDisc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 801—June 1983 thumbDiscovering the WorldDiscovering The World Summer 1985-thumbDiscoveringTheWorld—1999 thumbDiscoveringTheWorld—Summer 1990 thumbDiscoveringTheWorld—Winter 1986 thumbDiscoveringTheWorld—Winter 1987 thumbDiscoveringTheWorld—Winter 1990 thumb