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IFA Regional Directors thumbJFA Frisbee Passport thumbKen-L Ration Sales Materials thumbSky Croquet-Golf Instructions thumbAMFVoit Ultimate-DG Classic 1982 thumbAMFVoit Marketing Contest 1982 thumbAMFVoit Brochure thumbAMFVoit Flyer Insert thumbGreat Holes Of The World Set #1Great Holes Of The World Set #1Japanese Frisbee Slip Sheet 1976IFA Booklet 1976 thumbWham-O Team Sports Catalog 1977 thumbWham-O Catalog 1978 thumbWham-O Sport of Frisbee Flying Discs 1976 thumbWham-O Catalog 1977 thumb1980 P.D.G.A. Rules Single Page thumbFPA Basic Guide thumbDodgeBee TriFold thumbFreestyle Frisbee - What Is It? (Italian) thumb