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The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) World Championships is one of the major championships in the sport of disc golf, along with the Japan Open and the United States Disc Golf Championship. Held annually since 1982, the event crowns world champions in several divisions in the professional and amateur disc golf fields. Since its inception, male and female competitors have played on the same courses every year. There have been 17 different Champions in the Men's event with an average field of 154 competitors, and 16 different Champions in the Women's even with an average field of 24. The event has been held in 17 US states as well as Ontario, Canada. (Wikipedia 2017)

In this gallery you will find the many flying discs and accessories that came in the players packages, as well as those sold by the tournament organizers at the event. The discs represent several manufacturers, models and sizes. Some of them were produced in large quantities and others were made in very limited numbers, for competitor awards or contest prizes.
1982 PDGA WC—Los Angeles, CA—Wham-O 100D Mold—White—Metallic Blue1982 PDGA World Championships—Scoreboard1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—Destiny Puppy—Orange—Black1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—DGA—Kitty Hawk Putter—Bottom1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—DGA—Kitty Hawk Putter—White—Black1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—DGA—Kitty Hawk Putter Bottom Close-up1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—Innova Eagle—Yellow—Copper1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—Wham-O Mini—White—Sticker1983 PDGA WC—Huntsville, AL.—Wham-O Mini—White—Sticker1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Discraft Sky-Streak—Black—Gold, Pink1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Innova Aero—Purple—White1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Innova Aviar—Blue—Black1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Innova Aviar—White—Gold1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Innova Aviar—White.—Bottom1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Innova Aviar—White.—Bottom Close-up1984 PDGA WC—Rochester, NY—Wham-O 50G Mold—Glow—Gold, Black1985 PDGA WC—Tulsa, OK—Destiny Super Puppy—White—Lavender1985 PDGA WC—Tulsa, OK—DGA Softouch—Green—Black1985 PDGA WC—Tulsa, OK—Discraft Phantom—Blue—Silver1985 PDGA WC—Tulsa, OK—Innova Aero—Green—Gold