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Masthead GseriesMasthead Gseries

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This gallery features discs from Wham-O and their licensees. These were typically sold in retail or online stores. G-Series comes from the various models used by Wham-O. As an example, a 165g (gram) disc was made in an 80, 81, 80C, 81C, 80E and 82E molds.

This gallery features many unique prototype material test runs for various molds. All discs are produced by Wham-O unless otherwise noted.
25G Pocket Pro—Get Along Gang, Bingo Beaver—Yellow25G Pocket Pro—I [heart] U—White—Gold, Red25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake—Package Mailer25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Butterfly—Blue—Copper, Metallic Blue, Silver25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Butterfly—Orange—Copper, Metallic Blue, Silver25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Butterfly—White—Copper, Metallic Blue, Silver25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Butterfly—Yellow—Copper, Metallic Blue, Silver25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Unicorn—Blue—Copper, Metallic Blue25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Unicorn—Orange—Copper, Metallic Blue25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Unicorn—White—Copper, Metallic Blue25G Pocket Pro—Keepsake, Unicorn—Yellow—Copper, Metallic Blue25g Pocket Pro—Prima Toys—Orange—Black25g Pocket Pro—Prima Toys—Orange—Black—Back25G Pocket Pro—Stock—Blue—Gold25G Pocket Pro—Stock—Blue—Gold—Packaged25G Pocket Pro—Stock—Green—Gold25G Pocket Pro—Stock—Orange—Gold25G Pocket Pro—Stock—Orange—Gold—Packaged25G Pocket Pro—Stock—White—Copper25G Pocket Pro—Stock—White—Gold—Packaged