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Production of All American Frisbees, with traditional Red, White, and Blue color combinations, began in 1970 using a retooled Pro Model 10 Mold. The cupola was removed, much of the raised lettering was removed, and a raised "scroll" was added with the title "ALL AMERICAN FRISBEE".

The All American lineage is far more complicated than just a 10 Mold. There were, in fact, 2 unique 10 Molds in production at the same time. One is engraved ©1965 and one shows ©1966. The dates are engraved on the bottom of the discs and led most people to believe that one date he'd been changed to the other at some point. Close inspection of the tops of these 2 discs confirms that these are 2 entirely different molds. Comparison of the relative positions of the letter "M" in the scroll to the stars in the Blue Band allows collectors to determine which copyright date is engraved, even while the disc is still packaged.

The All American Gallery is organized by Mold Number and is not always in chronological order. The 10 Mold ©1965 goes through 4 styles to become Mold 20. Likewise 10 Mold ©1966 has 5 styles while becoming 21 Mold.

There are other Molds used to produce All Americans and each can be found with a variety of Hot Stamps. Several Countries produced their own versions of the All American and quite a few All American Premiums were made making All Americans quite interesting and collectible.
Most of the Research and Documentation of All American Molds was done by Bruce Willis, a Pro Model Collector unmatched in disc knowledge.—Joe Essman
All American—1st Style—10 Mold©1965—1st All American Eagle LabelAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1965—1st All American LabelAll American—10 Mold©1965—1st Style—Copyright DetailAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1965—1st All American LabelAll American—10 Mold©1965—CloseupAll American—2nd Style—10 Mold©1965—1st All American Eagle LabelAll American—2nd Style—10©1965—1 Red RingAll American—3rd Style—10 Mold©1965—BlankAll American—3rd Style—10 Mold©1965(20)—2nd All American Eagle LabelAll American—3rd Style—10 Mold©1965 (20)—3rd All American Eagle LabelAll American—4th Style—10 Mold©1965(20)—Flying DiscAll American—4th Style—10 Mold©1965 (20)—RubberAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1966—1st All American Eagle LabelAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1966—1st All American LabelAll American—10 Mold©1966—Wilkerson FastbackAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1966—Wilkerson FastbackAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1966—Borden Burger LabelAll American—1st Style—10 Mold©1966—WFIL Summer Love Label