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Uploaded 7-May-19
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Photo Booth Components and Set up

This video takes you through the material and how I set up a disc photo booth. I have literally spent years perfecting this booth and this latest version is the best yet. It is inexpensive to buy all of the material, it is easy to set up and very portable. The FDM will sell any contributor all or a portion of this photo booth for just over cost of the material and labor plus shipping. If that interests you, feel free to email [email protected] and let us know.
NOTE: At 4:05 of the video, we reference using a 75 watt incandescent light bulb. Since shooting this video, we have discovered a light bulb that is FAR SUPERIOR to an incandescent light bulb and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use this light bulb in your photography. The bulb is a 30 W, CFL, 90 CRI, 5500K Full Spectrum and is sold by Amazon and currently (Dec. 2020) the cost is $14. Here is a convenient link to go directly to Amazon to purchase it. Fovitec Lightbulb
NOTE: At approximately 6:56 into the video, I reference slipping the back drop over the nut, what I meant to say is over the bolt.