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Cycle Catch and Fetch—Wham-O FB8 Mold—Red—White

Maker: Wham-O
Model: Fastback
Style: Round Top
Mold: FB8
Disc Color: Red
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Cycle dog food; Catch-and-Fetch—White, White—Split band TMB
Date Introduced:
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Designed to be a two-color hot stamp with the outline of Cycle and Ashley Whippet image in one color, the rest of the design in a second color. Both done in white on this disc.
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

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OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-M5, f/9 @ 19 mm, 1/4, ISO 200, No Flash

Cycle Catch and Fetch—Wham-O FB8 Mold—Red—White