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Masthead Int'l GermanyMasthead Int'l Germany

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In this gallery you will find examples of discs that were or are currently being produced by companies that are based in Germany. Germany also had a Wham-O licensee named SFF. Please see the Retail/Wham-O Licensees gallery: SFF to see those items.

Currently the items in this gallery are listed/sorted by the Maker/Marketer of these flying discs. Absent packaging, some of the Models of these discs are hard, if not impossible to ascertain so the FDM has taken some liberties in creating Model names for some of them.

The titles read as Maker—Model—Hot Stamp—Disc Color(s)—Hot Stamp Color(s)

~Mike Hughes
Der Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Disc—BlueDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Disc—Blue—BottomDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Disc—YellowDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Disc—Yellow—BottomDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Ufo—YellowDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big Ufo—Yellow—BottomDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Big-Disc—OrangeDer Big Spielwarefabrik—Olympia Disc—White—Gold—PackageEurodisc—175g—100% Organic—Orange—GreenEurodisc—175g—Creature—White—Purple, BlackEurodisc—175g—Rings—White—MulticolorEurodisc—Mini—100% Organic—White—GreenPlastolan—Sally Line—White—Red, BluePlastolan—Sally Line—White—Red, Blue—BottomSimex—Diskus—BlueSimex—Diskus—Blue—BottomSimex—Diskus—YellowStelco—Tee Bird—Ufo—WhiteUnknown—Fly in Sports—RedUnknown—Fly in Sports—Red—Bottom