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In their heyday, way before the Internet, magazines kept everyone up to date.

In 1957 Sports Illustrated provided the crucial step of informing Wham-O that students back East were calling the Pluto Platter by the odd name "Frisbee." Soon Wham-O had registered the brand as their own.

First appearing in the late 1960s, the IFA News helped Wham-O create the concept of Frisbee as a serious sport. They followed in the mid-1970s through early 1980's with their popular Frisbee disc World Magazine, edited by Dan "Stork" Roddick. This slick bi-monthly gave the latest results of the major tournaments around the country, interviews with the big names in the sport, and sold many now-collectible items through their store.

Jim Palmeri's beautifully designed Flying Disc Magazine was off to a flying start in 1980 when it suddenly ended production after only three issues. Other club-published magazines flourished in the 1980s only to finally succumb to online websites beginning to appear in the 1990s.

Occasionally, national magazines such as Time and Newsweek ran articles that were picked up by the general public.

All of these publications have left us with an incredibly-rich legacy of disc history. Enjoy thumbing through them!

—Phil Kennedy


Australian Delay

Australian Delay published by The Australian Frisbee disc Association; Brian Allen & Mark Powers, editors
Published here with permission of Mark Powers

Australian Frisbee Disc Association v1n1 Mar-Apr1980Australian Frisbee Disc Association v1n1 Mar-Apr80Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay May-Jun1980Australian Delay v1n2 May-Jun80Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay May-Jun1980 v2n1Australian Delay v2n1 May-Jun80Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay v1n5 1981Australian Delay v1n5 1981Contributor: Mark Powers
Australian Delay Spring1982Australian Delay Spring82Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay Fall1983Australian Delay Fall83Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay Summer1983Australian Delay Summer83Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay v2 1988Australian Delay v2 1988Contributor: Maurice Cinquini
Australian Delay Dec1990Australian Delay Dec90Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay Apr1991Australian Delay Apr91Contributor: Mark Powers Australian Delay Jul1991Australian Delay Jul91Contributor: Mark Powers  


Cracked Disc

Cracked Disc published by The Capital City Frisbee Club; Thomas and Darcy Marusich, editors
Published here with permission of Thomas "Frisbee Jones" Marusich

Cracked Disc v1n1 1987Cracked Disc v1n1 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v1n2 1987Cracked Disc v1n2 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v1n3 1987Cracked Disc v1n3 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v1n4 1987Cracked Disc v1n4 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich
Cracked Disc v1n5 1987Cracked Disc v1n5 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v1n6 1987Cracked Disc v1n6 1987Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v2n1 1988Cracked Disc v2n1 1988Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich Cracked Disc v2n2 1988Cracked Disc v2n2 1988Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich
Cracked Disc v2n3 1988Cracked Disc v2n3 1988Contributor: Bruce Wilk/Thomas Marusich      


The Dallas DISConnection

The Dallas DISConnection published by The Dallas DISConnection; Jon Lehman, editor

Dallas DISConnection v1n1 Apr79Dallas DISConnection v1n1 Apr79Contributor: Peter Bloeme Dallas DISConnection v1n2 Jun79Dallas DISConnection v1n2 Jun79Contributor: Peter Bloeme                                          


Disc Golf Association Newsletter

DGA Newsletter published by The Disc Golf Association
Published here with permission of the DGA

DGA New Member Letter-c.1977DGA New Member Letter c.1977 DGA Newsletter 1977-11DGA Newsletter 1977-11 DGA Newsletter 1978-01DGA Newsletter 1978-01 DGA Newsletter 1978-07DGA Newsletter 1978-07
DGA Course Directory-c.1978DGA Course Directory c.1978 DGA Guide to Officiating Tournament-c.1978DGA Guide to Officiating Tournament c.1978 DGA Wham-O $50K AnnouncementDGA Wham-O $50K Announcement DGA Kensico Dam Classic AnnouncementDGA Kensico Dam Classic Announcement
DGA Newsletter 1980-04DGA Newsletter 1980-04Contributor: Eric Vandenberg DGA Newsletter 1980-06DGA Newsletter 1980-06 DGA Newsletter 1980-07DGA Newsletter 1980-07  


Disc Golf Journal

Disc Golf Journal published by The Disc Connection; Tom Schlueter, publisher; Kathy Ignowski, managing editor

Disc Golf Journal v1n1 Jun-Jul91Disc Golf Journal v1n1 Jun-Jul91Contributor: Doug Korns   Disc Golf Journal v1n3 Oct-Nov91Disc Golf Journal v1n3 Oct-Nov91Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v1n4 Dec91-Jan92Disc Golf Journal v1n4 Dec91-Jan92
Disc Golf Journal v1n5 Feb-Mar92Disc Golf Journal v1n5 Feb-Mar92Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v1n6 May-Jun92Disc Golf Journal v1n6 May-Jun92Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v2n1 Jul-Aug92Disc Golf Journal v2n1 Jul-Aug92Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v2n2 Sep-Oct92Disc Golf Journal v2n2 Sep-Oct92Contributor: Doug Korns
Disc Golf Journal v2n3 Nov-Dec92Disc Golf Journal v2n3 Nov-Dec92
Disc Golf Journal v2n4 Jan-Feb93Disc Golf Journal v2n4 Jan-Feb93Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v2n5 Mar-Apr93Disc Golf Journal v2n5 Mar-Apr93Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf Journal v2n6 May-Jun93Disc Golf Journal v2n6 May-Jun93Contributor: Doug Korns

Disc Golf Journal v3n6 May-Jun94Disc Golf Journal v3n6 May-Jun94   Disc Golf Journal v4n5 Mar-Apr95Disc Golf Journal v4n5 Mar-Apr95
Disc Golf Journal v4n6 May-Jun95Disc Golf Journal v4n6 May-Jun95 Disc Golf Journal v5n1 Jul-Aug95Disc Golf Journal v5n1 Jul-Aug95
  Disc Golf Journal v5n4 Jan-Feb96Disc Golf Journal v5n4 Jan-Feb96


Disc Golf World News

Disc Golf World News published by Disc Golf World; Rick Rothstein, publisher, editor; Lynne Rothstein, editor-in-chief
Published here with permission of Rick Rothstein

Disc Golf World News v1n1 Spring87Disc Golf World News v1n1 Spring87 Disc Golf World News v1n2 Summer87Disc Golf World News v1n2 Summer87 Disc Golf World News v1n3 Fall87Disc Golf World News v1n3 Fall87 Disc Golf World News v1n4 Winter87Disc Golf World News v1n4 Winter87
Disc Golf World News v2n1 Spring88Disc Golf World News v2n1 Spring88 Disc Golf World News v2n2 Summer88Disc Golf World News v2n2 Summer88 Disc Golf World News v2n3 Fall88Disc Golf World News v2n3 Fall88Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf World News v2n4 Winter88Disc Golf World News v2n4 Winter88
Disc Golf World News v3n1 Spring89Disc Golf World News v3n1 Spring89Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf World News v3n2 Summer89Disc Golf World News v3n2 Summer89
Disc Golf World News v3n3 Fall89Disc Golf World News v3n3 Fall89 Disc Golf World News v3n4 Winter89Disc Golf World News v3n4 Winter89
Disc Golf World News v4n1 Spring90Disc Golf World News v4n1 Spring90 Disc Golf World News v4n2 Summer90Disc Golf World News v4n2 Summer90 Disc Golf World News v4n3 Fall90Disc Golf World News v4n3 Fall90 Disc Golf World News v4n4 Winter90Disc Golf World News v4n4 Winter90
Disc Golf World News v5n1 Spring91Disc Golf World News v5n1 Spring91 Disc Golf World News v5n2 Summer91Disc Golf World News v5n2 Summer91Contributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf World News v5n3 Fall91Disc Golf World News v5n3 Fall91 Disc Golf World News v5n4 Winter91Disc Golf World News v5n4 Winter91
Disc Golf World News v6n1 Spring92Disc Golf World News v6n1 Spring92 Disc Golf World News v6n2 Summer92Disc Golf World News v6n2 Summer92 Disc Golf World News v6n3 Fall92Disc Golf World News v6n3 Fall92 Disc Golf World News v6n4 Winter92Disc Golf World News v6n4 Winter92Contributor: Doug Korns
Disc Golf World News v7n1 Spring93Disc Golf World News v7n1 Spring93 Disc Golf World News v7n2 Summer93Disc Golf World News v7n2 Summer93 Disc Golf World News v7n3 Fall93Disc Golf World News v7n3 Fall93 Disc Golf World News v7n4 Winter93Disc Golf World News v7n4 Winter93
Disc Golf World News v8n1 Spring94Disc Golf World News v8n1 Spring94 Disc Golf World News v8n2 Summer94Disc Golf World News v8n2 Summer94 Disc Golf World News v8#31 Fall94Disc Golf World News v8#31 Fall94 Disc Golf World News v8#32 Winter94Disc Golf World News v8#32 Winter94
Disc Golf World News v9#33 Spring95Disc Golf World News v9#33 Spring95 Disc Golf World News v9#34 Summer95Disc Golf World News v9#34 Summer95 Disc Golf World News v9#35 Fall95Disc Golf World News v9#35 Fall95 Disc Golf World News v9#36 Winter96Disc Golf World News v9#36 Winter96
Disc Golf World News v10#37 Spring96Disc Golf World News v10#37 Spring96 Disc Golf World News v10#38 Summer96Disc Golf World News v10#38 Summer96 Disc Golf World News v10#39 Fall96Disc Golf World News v10#39 Fall96 Disc Golf World News v10#40 Winter97Disc Golf World News v10#40 Winter97
Disc Golf World News v11#41 Spring97Disc Golf World News v11#41 Spring97   Disc Golf World News #71 Fall04Disc Golf World News #71 Fall04Courtesy of John Bird  


Disc Golf Yearbook

Disc Golf Yearbook published by Circular Productions;
Published here with permission of John Houck

1992 Disc Golf Yearbook (Austin, TX)Disc Golf Yearbook 1992Contributor: Doug Korns