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Discs in this gallery generally do not represent a company, a tournament, a club, an organization, a mold or anything else specific.

The general definition of discs that fit in this gallery is:

"Discs with artwork that do not promote any person, place or thing, applied by some production process (i.e. not by hand)."
Anonymous— Native American Profile—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, PurpleAnonymous—"Big Slick"—Innova Roc—Multi Color ChingAnonymous—"Hornet Nest"—Innova Aviar—Ching Full ColorAnonymous—"Play It Again Sam"—Discraft XL—Hot Stamp, RedAnonymous—Acrobatic Nudes—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, TurquoiseAnonymous—Aviar Aces—Innova Aviar—Innova Full ColorAnonymous—Bone Basket—Little Flyer Spyral Mini—Glow—Hot Stamp, BlackAnonymous—Chain Art—Little Flyer Spyral Mini—Hotstamp, PurpleAnonymous—Circle of Rocs—Innova Roc—Ching Full ColorAnonymous—Dog Wearing Cap—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, BlackAnonymous—Eagle Art—Little Flyer Spyral Mini—Hot Stamp, GreenAnonymous—Fish—Zing Pico—Hot Stamp, WhiteAnonymous—Grange Dragonfly—Innova Roc—Ching Full ColorAnonymous—Inuit Bird—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, BlueAnonymous—Moon Wolf—Little Flyer Spyral Mini—Hot Stamp, RedAnonymous—Mushroom Man—Zing ORB Mini—Hot Stamp, Dark GreenAnonymous—Rhino—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, GreenAnonymous—Roc Air Force—Innova Roc—Innova Full ColorAnonymous—Shoelace—Little Flyer Mini—Hot Stamp, BlackHolgate—"Color Wheel"—Innova Archangel—Ching Full Color