Catalogs from disc manufacturers and disc retailers are a wealth of information. You can find details on when discs were introduced, color variations they were produced in, molds, original pricing, and more. Some catalogs provide great background on a disc's design and creation. 


Disc Golf World Sales CatalogueDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-1999Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—1999 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2000Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2000
Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2001Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2001 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2002Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2002 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2003Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2003 Disc 'N Dat Catalog—1998Disc 'N Dat Catalog—1998
DCW / DTW Catalogs Disc Covering the World—Winter 1980Disc Covering the World—Winter 1980 Disc Covering the World v3n7 1981Disc Covering the World—v3n7 1981 Discovering The World Summer 1985Discovering The World—Summer 1985
Discovering The World—Winter 1986Discovering The World—Winter 1986 Discovering The World—Winter 1987Discovering The World—Winter 1987 Discovering The World—Winter 1990Discovering The World—Winter 1990 Discovering The World—Summer 1990Discovering The World—Summer 1990
Discovering The World—1999Discovering The World—1999 Discovering The World—Fall 1999Discovering The World—Fall 1999 Discraft Catalogs Discraft Catalog—1999Discraft Catalog—1999
Disc Wares Catalogs Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 801—June 1983Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 801—June 1983 Gateway Catalogs Gateway Catalog—2001-2002Gateway Catalog—2001-2002
Innova CatalogsPublished here with permission from Innova Innova Catalog 2002Innova Catalog—2002 Innova Catalog 2003Innova Catalog—2003 Innova Catalog 2004Innova Catalog—2004
Innova Catalog 2005Innova Catalog—2005 Innova Catalog 2006Innova Catalog—2006 Innova Catalog 2007Innova Catalog—2007 Innova Catalog 2008Innova Catalog—2008
Innova Catalog 2009Innova Catalog—2009 Innova Catalog 2010Innova Catalog—2010 Innova Catalog 2011Innova Catalog—2011
Innova Catalog 2012Innova Catalog—2012 Innova Catalog 2013Innova Catalog—2013 Innova Catalog 2014Innova Catalog—2014
Innova Catalog 2015Innova Catalog—2015 Innova Catalog 2016Innova Catalog—2016 Innova Catalog 2017Innova Catalog—2017
Innova Catalog 2018Innova Catalog—2018 Innova Catalog 2019Innova Catalog—2019 Innova Catalog 2020Innova Catalog—2020
Orbitors OdysseyOrbitors Odyssey Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 08 Jan-Feb 1982Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 8 Jan-Feb 1982 Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 09 Apr 1982Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 9 Apr 1982 Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 10 Jul 1982Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 10 Jul 1982
Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 12 Jan 1983Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 12 Jan 1983 Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 14Orbitors Odyssey—Vol. 14 Postal Flying Disc Catalogue, Roger BarrettPostal Flying Disc Catalogue A Vestpocket Guide to Frisbee Selection or A History of the Pro—Jan72A Vestpocket Guide to Frisbee Selection–or–A History of the Pro—Jan72
Postal FD Catalogue I—1974Postal FD Catalogue I—1974 Postal FD Catalogue IIPostal FD Catalogue II Postal FD Catalogue II Supplement and Series ZPostal FD Catalogue II Supplement and Series Z Postal FD Catalogue III—Jun76Postal FD Catalogue III—Jun76
Postal FD Catalogue IV—Winter76Postal FD Catalogue IV—Winter76 Postal FD Catalogue Pink Sheets—Feb76Postal FD Catalogue Pink Sheets—Feb76 Postal FD Catalogue V—Summer77Postal FD Catalogue V—Summer77 Postal FD Catalogue VII—Winter78-79Postal FD Catalogue VII—Winter78-79
Postal FD Catalogue VII Supplement—Winter78-79Postal FD Catalogue VII Supplement—Winter78-79 Postal FD Catalogue VIII—May81Postal FD Catalogue VIII—May81
Tomboda catalogsTomboda catalogs
Tomboda Catalog—1979Tomboda Catalog—1979

The Wright LifeThe Wright Life
The Wright Life Catalog—1999The Wright Life Catalog—1999 The Wright Life Catalog—2000The Wright Life Catalog—2000 The Wright Life Catalog—2001The Wright Life Catalog—2001